IT Architecture

European bank:
Securities processing platform review

Why did the client approach us?
The client was in the process of replacing a 30-year-old securities-processing platform with a new object-oriented platform. Delays in the delivery of the new platform and complaints about a lack of flexibility of the new platform, despite its object-oriented design, led IT management to request an independent review by us.

How did we address the challenge?
After establishing a rough understanding of both platforms, we assessed the transaction flows in each. We found that the new platform was more complex than its predecessor by an order of magnitude, making it much harder to change the new platform, and resulting in a significant impact on the delivery schedule and the ability to implement changes. Furthermore, we found that a full migration to the new platform would lead to a quadrupling of data center costs. In a series of workshops, we developed an optimized architecture, leveraging a reengineered old platform for simple transactions and a simplified new platform for complex transactions.

Why was it interesting and enjoyable?
Designing and reviewing IT architectures provide insights into complex IT landscapes and applications.