Strategy Development

European bank: Data center strategy

Why did the client approach us?
The client's business units were dissatisfied with the data center, particularly with the stability of the IT systems and their cost. In response to these problems and to the challenge that some business managers proposed outsourcing the data center, the CIO mandated us to define how its data center could be made competitive.

How did we address the challenge?
We verified the business perception through interviews with different stakeholders and an in-depth analysis of incidents and costs. We also reviewed key processes and tools to diagnose the causes of the problems identified. In a series of workshops with management, we agreed on a vision and defined process and technology improvements to increase stability and create more cost transparency as a basis for managing and justifying costs.
Why was it interesting and enjoyable?
Strategy development projects allow us to work with clients on their overall direction and to develop an in-depth understanding of their competitive situations. These highly challenging projects require a broad range of analytical skills and an overall business perspective – they also demand solutions that are creative, yet practical.