Get to Know Us Inside Out

We believe internships are a great opportunity for both sides. We benefit from a fresh perspective and additional brainpower; while the student gains insights into how IT is applied in the financial industry, in multiple companies, in IT management consulting, and in our methods and tools. Our interns are fully integrated into our teams and take ownership to produce client-ready deliverables. Whenever possible, the intern assumes full responsibility for a task, and receives coaching to overcome the challenges. 
Given our small size and the nature of our business, we can only offer a limited number of internships per year, often on relatively short notice. The duration of the internship is flexible and agreed on a case-by-case basis. The application page describes how to apply.

Luciano Franceschina, ETH Zürich, Computer Science, 8th Semester
During my two-month internship I was mainly involved in a program to consolidate the IT services of a large bank. The internship was a great opportunity, as I learned about a multitude of areas: from creating engaging and well-structured presentations to the grand scheme of things in the world of banking; from understanding huge IT architectures with hundreds of separate systems to microprocessor design and its effect on the performance of parallel programming. This broad range of topics made the internship a truly unique experience; I don’t think there are many firms where everyone is both an expert in business as well as in IT and computer science. The consultants didn’t treat me as an intern but as a fellow consultant, challenging and expecting a lot from me, but also coaching me well – I could always ask for advice and offer my opinions. I cannot imagine where I could have gotten better insights into consulting.

Willy Lai, ETH Zurich, Computer Science, 8th Semester
During my two-month internship, I supported Nicolas in defining the overall IT architecture of a Swiss financial service company as part of a large-scale project. This internship has offered me the possibility to learn a lot about financial markets in general and IT architecture in particular. I was taught how to define a solid IT architecture based on the business of the company, worked on establishing the domain architecture, and could plan its integration. The work at Marc Brandis Strategic Consulting has definitely lived up to my expectations, as it provided me with valuable insights not only into the challenges tackled by a consultant, but also into the daily work of a large company. It has been a very rewarding experience and I am grateful to have been given this opportunity.