Work with Us

Our work is diverse and challenging, as varied and demanding as the strategic IT issues clients face, as manifold as our clients, and as multi-faceted as the people we meet in their organizations. Out of a start-up, we have the opportunity to work on the strategic IT topics of large enterprises. With few projects lasting more than three to four months, our consultants become involved in a multitude of different topics and environments every year.
Teamwork Matters    
Our teams consist of two to three members, typically an associate coached by one of our senior consultants, both working closely with the client team. Together, they identify a solution approach, collect and analyze data, synthesize conclusions, and prepare their presentation to senior management on the client side. As it is key to our success that we integrate well with the client team members, we usually work on the client's premises. To us, it is vital that every member of the team fully understands and supports the solution and voices any concerns. We offer mutual assistance whenever needed – beyond project team boundaries.

Sustainable Performance Culture
We are committed to delivering results of the highest quality standards. Therefore, we take the effort to "go the extra mile". To us, results matter and not hours. Recognizing that consulting has peak workloads by nature, we ensure a sustainable work-life-balance by allowing time to recharge the batteries.

Intensive Coaching
The success of our company depends on the fast professional development of our staff. We develop our consultants through regular coaching on projects. Additionally, we regularly review training needs and identify suitable programs available from internal and external sources.

Competitive Salary and Flexible Conditions
We offer a competitive salary with a performance-dependent bonus. Our small firm culture provides us with the flexibility to accommodate special requests, such as maternity/paternity or extended holiday leaves, or obligations outside of our firm.