Strategic IT Management Consulting

We help our clients, typically senior IT managers, to reach their objectives. Since they trust our expertise and proven track record, they approach us for independent, fact-based advice when facing difficult decisions with large impact.

Challenges Our Clients Face
IT managers are tasked with providing services to their business users, changing the IT applications landscape in line with the development of the business and the IT industry, and all the while ensuring stable and cost-effective daily operations of all systems. To achieve this, they have to develop visions for all aspects of IT, obtain the required staff and services, organize them effectively, and continuously improve efficiency and capabilities. IT poses unique challenges, among them:

  • Qualified staff are scarce – even in offshore locations
  • The complexity of IT systems is increasing. Large companies often have many thousand applications with interactions that are only partially understood
  • Services have to be delivered on a global scale, involving staff from all over the world
  • The wide variety of cooperation models with external partners requires customized setups for every IT unit
  • Changes in the technology market do not follow the same drivers as changes in business, calling for a complex balance between these changes
  • Software development methodology is evolving

How We Work
We deliver to our clients conceptual solutions that address their challenges. We analyze matters using proven frameworks and methods together with our clients and their staff, leveraging materials and data that are already available. We enrich our analysis with external information, either from research or our own experience. We focus our problem-solving by forming hypotheses about the most important issues and by identifying the facts needed to prove or disprove them. We then synthesize recommendations, which we present to our clients and their management for agreement.