Our People Are Our Success

Consulting is all about people. Our project work involves working closely with our clients to identify answers to complex questions that have a significant impact on their future. Our clients seek our advice and support because they trust the expertise and integrity of our people. Our staff deploys to form integral teams with our clients, and their joint success ultimately becomes our firm's success.

Our objective is to support clients in their constantly changing world. Our team creates new ideas, shapes and moves things – always in close collaboration with our clients. There is no routine in an ever-changing world – to us each day is different.

Content Matters to Us
We all have a strong background in computer science and a passion for management consulting. It is this unique combination that enables us to be the trusted advisor of clients on their most important IT matters. Understanding the inner workings of a computer and the managerial complexity of large organizations as well as knowing how to mobilize and develop people allows us to leverage our skills when dealing with complex topics such as strategy development, reorganizations, systems and vendor selections, and offshoring. This is why we strongly encourage our staff to develop their personal and professional skills.

In a small firm like ours, everyone counts. We take responsibility for the firm daily, whether we are meeting with clients, whether we are collaborating, or whether we are working on advancing the firm.